MSH Mini Naadam

We organize mini Naadam for private parties and large groups from July until September in a beautiful valley of Noyon mountain near Mongolian Secret History Travel Complex.

The event is organized in cooperation with local residents to support local economy and herder families.

Our mini Naadam is interactive event and guests are encouraged to take part in each game and learn Mongolian traditional way of celebration.

The program include:

  • Daaga /1 year old horses/ racing: Local herders bring their 1 year old horses and children for our mini Naadam. Guests can make bet on the first 5 horses and the last horse which also traditionally get prize of “Bayan Hodood” /Full stomach/
  • Wrestling: Children’s wrestling /guests are invited to take a part and instructions will be given from professional wrestlers/
  • Arching: An archer will be given instruction on how to shoot with Mongolian bow and arrow and guests are welcome to take a part
  • Mongolian Traditional Music Instrument Performance

For more information and booking please contact us

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